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Can you think of a time in the last year where you went out of your way to help someone less fortunate than yourself?

I like this question. It made me reflect & think. I believe the last time I helped someone was this past summer of 2011 during this event I helped coordinate called KIDPACKS. It was inspired by someone named Darren Cole, who along with his family back in the day, collected back to school items to help those children in the Greater Toronto Area who had a tough time affording them. After hearing about it’s mission and success in the past, I along with a group I’m in called the St. James Town Youth Council helped to hold KIDPACKS for the second time in our neighborhood, supplying backpacks to over 150 elementary school children. It was a cause very dear to our hearts because we believe in the power of education.

On another note, I wish to do more to help others on a more personal and direct level. Maybe one on one, because honestly I feel I could learn as much from someone else as they could from me. Afterall every kind of relationship is a two way street, right? :)

By the by everyone, please check out Darren Cole’s organization, Kid’s Against Canadian Hunger (KACH). I’ve posted about it before quite a while back, but incase you hadn’t checked it out yet, you should! 

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